10. 11. 2020

Matches with THE KEY are a duty in the store

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The famous Solo match shop based in Brno sells 25 million boxes a year despite the decline in match consumption.

14. 10. 2018

SOLO again in the show Polopatě on ČT1

How to heat in the fireplace

How to heat up the fireplace Winter is slowly approaching and it's time to get some heat in. For those who have a fireplace at home, we'll show you how to build a fire in it so you can enjoy cosy winter evenings with it crackling.

17. 6. 2018

Fire starters on ČT 1 in programme Polopatě

Fire starters on ČT 1 in programme Polopatě

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10. 10. 2018

We invite you to an exhibition not only of matches

110 years since the establishment of the distillery in Lipník nad Bečvou.